(WOWK) – It was a very windy day to close out the weekend in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. Breezy conditions will last through the evening hours and overnight, but Strom Tracker 13 Meteorologists say that the strongest winds are behind us now.

Today’s Peak Wind Gusts

The strongest gust occurred just before noon in Huntington at 54 MPH. 30+ MPH gusts were quite common in the region, and several locations reached 40+ this afternoon. Winds will gradually calm down as we move through the evening hours today, but still expect to see 20+ gusts to end today.

Predictor Wind Gusts Monday 12:08 PM

We will still see gustier winds than normal in the teens to lower 20s tomorrow, but they won’t be as strong as today’s. Strongest winds tomorrow will mostly form over the eastern mountains of West Virginia. Winds are expected to calm down for Tuesday of next week. A cold front will cause gusty conditions to return for next Wednesday.

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