(WOWK) – When rain falls onto an icy surface, things can get rough in terms of trying to get around town, or anywhere for that matter.

Freezing rain and ice are the enemy of commuters and even pedestrians and if enough ice accumulates, it can bring down tree limbs and power lines.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, the 10 year average of deaths on American roads due to icy conditions on roadways is 521 people. That far surpasses the 10 year average of tornado deaths which stands at 88 from 2009-2018. The tornado average includes the terrible year of 2011 when 551 people died in the USA due to tornadoes. The icy roads statistic is separate from snowy roads which contribute another approximate 1000 deaths per year on American highways.

It’s easy to see that icy roads are a threat because no matter how good your tires are or how many wheel drive you have, once you lose contact with the pavement thanks to ice, you lose control of your vehicle.

That’s why StormTracker 13 invests in Ice Tracker.

Our weather models can calculate the temperatures of the ground and the atmospheric column and project the timing, placement and amount of freezing rain. The final result is a graphic that shows drivers where they would want to be alert to freezing rain and icy conditions.

Combine this with our exclusive Road Temperature and Future Road Temperature product and Road Conditions product and our network of WeatherEye cameras and you’re armed with the knowledge you need as a driver to keep you safe.

This is a great time to get the StormTracker 13 Weather app from Google Play or the App Store to keep you ahead of the storms!