(WOWK) – When winter weather hits, not only would you like to know what the roads look like, but a key ingredient in determining how safe things are on the roads is the exclusive StormTracker 13 Road Temperature product.

Our Stormtracker 13 VIPIR system displays the single most advanced road temperature product available on TV.

StormTracker 13 Road Temperatures

The data is not just showing the air temperature. Our Road Temperature product is a combination of the soil type, the weather conditions, the amount of sun, actual readings and modeled conditions. The model takes into account what’s going on in and under the soil down to a depth of 12 inches. Millions of readings are put into the data including how much moisture is in the soil to how much sunlight is striking and the amount of solar energy heating the road. Often there can be a stark contrast in air temperatures and road temperatures. We show you the most accurate numbers with our Road Temperature maps.

It’s leading edge technology and not only can we show you what the road temperature is now with the most accurate data, we can project what is going to happen in the next 24 hours, putting our data head and shoulders above the competition.

Sample of future road temperatures during snow storm in the Plains Oct 10, 2019

Having future roadway temperatures can help everyone from road crews to transportation directors to you when it comes to making a go or no-go driving decision in the winter months.

Just another useful advancement in weather technology you’ll see during the winter months on 13 News on WOWK.

Be sure to stay ahead of winter the WOWK StormTracker 13 App free from the App Store or Google Play.